Roll up your sleeves! The faculty blood donation contest is on!

Take part in the second annual Roll up your sleeves! contest in blood donation. Come and donate blood or blood plasma at any blood donation point in the country from 20 October to 21 February and support a good cause and inter-faculty competitive spirit. The contest is mainly about the total volume of blood donated by students and employees of individual faculties and the percentage of donors among students. It is easy to join. After donating blood, you fill in a form, have it validated at the selected blood collection point and then drop it into the collection box. The contest of the faculties will last the entire winter semester, culminating during the traditional Donate Blood with the Rector event, which is an integral part of the UP Academic Days in February.

Why should you donate blood?

Volunteering to donate your blood or blood plasma is a priceless feeling, and because we believe that university students and employees should lead. Since we are facing much more difficult conditions this year and the semester will begin on-line, we are calling for voluntary blood donations not only in Olomouc – but also at all transfusion departments in the country!

Who can donate blood?

All information on whether you are an eligible donor can be found here. Please read all the conditions before going to the University Hospital so that your visit will not be in vain. It happens every year to dozens of donors.

The Faculty Contest in Blood Donation is organized by the Student Association of the UP Faculty of Physical Education in cooperation with the UP Communications Office and the Transfusion Department of the University Hospital Olomouc.