Donate Blood with the Rector!

Every year, during the Palacký University Academic Week in February, we organize the “Donate Blood with the Rector: Blue is Good!” event.

We call on all students and employees of Palacký University to join us to donate their most precious possession – blood. Every student or employee will also receive a small gift package from UPoint and the University Hospital Olomouc upon showing their ISIC or UP employee card.

Why should you donate blood?

Because volunteering to donate your blood or blood plasma is a priceless feeling, and because we believe that university students and employees should lead. During the last five years, more than 3500 members of the academic community have donated blood thanks to our initiative.

Who can donate blood?

All information on whether you are an eligible donor can be found here. Please read all the conditions before going to the University Hospital so that your visit will not be in vain. It happens every year to dozens of donors.

The event is co-organised with the Transfusion Department of the University Hospital Olomouc and the initiative called 470 ml (Pint of Blood).